Dev teams and TDD

Have you ever been a part of those Dev team scrum calls when everyone except the scrum master knows what you are saying is incorrect? For eg: There is a new tech lead or the team on its own reads up a few blog posts and decides that TDD is a cool thing to adopt. (I think every team has been through this phase.)

Albeit, this is verbally praised and claimed to be adopted in every meeting, the developers don’t really get to it immediately while all the non technical folks believe that developers are following it.

Every developer on the team including the one who brought up the suggestion takes time to get used to the idea of writing unit test cases. This means that we are adding test cases for code coverage after we have created a the entire UI. Now UI is not something that you can test for unless you have built it. TDD means you have to write the test case first and then the code. Yes all those blogs that tout you can do TDD with React, also end up saying, first create the component and then the test suite will pass. Just scroll down the article.

Besides, even for APIs and functional JavaScript code, every one writes it post development. But no one would admit it in front of the scrum master and if the scrum master does ask why TDD was not followed, the new joinee gets thrown under the bus! So please save your breath the next time you join a new company, and don’t try to show the scrum master, the honest true picture. No one follows TDD, but no one will admit it either.