In the previous post I shared the progress the designs of CPAP devices have seen over the coarse of time. In this post, I’d like to showcase the different agents in the ecosystem.

  1. The patients.
  2. The device manufacturers.
  3. Healthcare providers
  4. Insurance providers.
  5. Health Law makers.
  6. Software creators.

There are several…

E Pluribus Unum is Latin for “Out of Many, One.” This is written on the seal of US, as their motto. It was chosen all the way back 1770’s. It meant — “one country made out of a collection of many states”. It is exactly the same way every other…

Sleep apnea could be the reason why people wake up tired even after having slept in bed for 7 hours. 22 million Americans are diagnosed with Sleep apnea, 1.4 million people of all ages, including children, live with undiagnosed sleep apnea in the UK, and 36.34 …

Have you ever been a part of those Dev team scrum calls when everyone except the scrum master knows what you are saying is incorrect? For eg: There is a new tech lead or the team on its own reads up a few blog posts and decides that TDD is…

Humans, before the invention of electricity, used to sleep when the sun went down and wake up before the sun rises up. This was due to the limited availability of light, — 10 hours of light and 14 hours of darkness. Ever since we have artificial light, wheels, and technology…

Nothing changed for more than a year,

What better can be a energy-killer.

wake up everyday, take a shower

get dressed to sit down at your table with your work gear

Time seems to be standing still.

as you spend all the days of the week

in the same room…

Julian Sara Joseph

Nullius in Verba. Code-loving-writer. Full-time dreamer. Founder of the WLB Podcast. Ambassador for WiDS Mumbai & Kerala, WTM Indore. ENTP.

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